“How do I become a member of St Augustine’s Church?”

By adding your name to the Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll lists the names and addresses of every person who can vote at St Augustine’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Who can be on it?

Any baptised lay person (i.e. not ordained) and at least 16 years old can be on the Electoral Roll, provided they live in the parish or have worshipped at the church regularly for a minimum of six months.

You can be on the Electoral Roll of more than one church, but you may only vote in one if that is the case.

What does membership mean to me personally?
As mentioned above, membership means that you are eligible to vote in the Annual Meeting.

In addition, perhaps, more importantly, it confirms your support for the provision of Witness to the whole community in this place. That Witness includes pastoral care and the provision of worship for everyone.

How can I show this support?
You can support by offering spiritual, practical or financial support.