Park Safely When Visiting Wembley Stadium or Wembley Arena

Notice: Donations now start from £20 for parking
at St Augustine’s Wembley Park in 2023.

You can find St Augustine’s Church Wembley Park at the junction of Wembley Hill Road and Forty Avenue, where East Lane and Preston Road also converge.

Conveniently located, just 20 minutes from Wembley Stadium or Wembley Arena, St Augustine’s Church Car Park is the perfect place to park your car during the Wembley event (first-come, first-served basis).

You can book a space in our car park for a donation of only £20 per car by contacting us in advance by email or texting us using the details below.

If you are using a:

  • Mobile – please use the text help button on this page or complete the contact form below to send us an email.
  • Laptop/Tablet – please use the Contact form below to email us.

Click here for a map of our location.

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